What does it do?

The neck worn Friends & Family SOS button automatically calls three landline or mobile numbers set by you, one after another until answered, then allows you to talk through the pendant.

Small and Unobtrusive

Measuring only 6 x 3.5 x 1cm and weighing only 25 grams, our Friends & Family SOS button is lightweight and easy to use.

Uses Mobile Technology

Allowing the pendant to work anywhere there is mobile signal. Bundled with our Roaming SIM to offer unrivaled coverage and peace of mind.

3 Emergency Numbers

Chosen by you and set up by us. No call centres so you always get to speak to those closest to you.


Two Way Conversation

Once connected, you can talk directly through the pendant to your emergency contact.

Low Battery Alert

When your pendant battery is running low, it will indicate on the pendant and send an SMS alert.

Works Straight From The Box

We set up your pendant so that when it arrives to you it works straight from the box. No setup, no fuss.



Pendant weight


6 x 3.5 x 1 cm (2.36 x 1.37 x 0.39 in)


25 g body (0.88 oz) including battery and SIM


ABS Plastic


Emergency Contacts

Supplied with

Charging cable, lanyard, SIM card and quick start guide.


1 Year (Return To Base)


Rechargeable Lithium

Download Instruction Manual


free trial

Battery Life

30 minutes talk time, 6 months standby


None required.

Roaming SIM

Sits across Vodafone, EE and O2 Networks

Friends & Family National Roaming Network SIM

Our Friends & Family SOS Pendant uses mobile technology. To ensure the user always has a mobile signal it includes a bundled SIM package that roams across the O2, Vodafone and EE networks. The bundled package allows the user to understand how often they will need to use the pendant by providing a free trial over the first three months. After the three month period they can either use their own SIM or sign up for one of our customised roaming SIM packages.

Your Emergency Contacts

When you purchase your Friends & Family SOS Pendant, you provide us with the name and telephone number of three trusted contacts. We ask that you discuss this with your contacts prior to purchasing your Friends & Family SOS button to confirm that they are happy to volunteer to be one of your Emergency Contacts.

Set up specifically for you

Once you have purchased your Friends & Family SOS Button and have provided is with your three emergency contacts, our technical team configure your SOS Button to work with your three emergency contacts. They then test the button to ensure it is working correctly before giving it a full charge and shipping it out to you. When you receive your pendant it works, immediately, straight out of the box. What could be easier?

What our customers are saying……

At Friends & Family we believe that a product or service is only as good as the feedback it receives from its customers. See what our customer have to say about us below....

Tim Pollard-Smith

Camberley, Surrey

“ Ever since Mum had her last fall, I've been more and more worried about her. Having spent a considerably time researching different solutions on the internet, the friends and family SOS Button seemed to tick all the boxes for me. They were really easy to deal with and I got to speak to a very helpful lady who talked me through the whole process. All in all a really great service. “

A huge thank you..

Claudia Treforde

Marlow, Berkshire

“My elderly uncle had another pendant alert system that used to ring me and play me a message to let me know when he had pressed his button. The only problem was that he used to press the button by mistake quite a lot and it's an hour round trip from my work to his house only to find he was ok. With this system I can talk to him through the pedant to ascertain straight away what action to take.“

Just what I needed.

Jim Buxton

Preston, Lancashire

“Since Janet was diagnosed with Parkinsons last year, I've struggled to leave the house much without her. Even a short trip to the shops can turn into an afternoon out. Now I'm more comfortable leaving Janet on her own for short periods or even for her to take a trip down to the shops herself. A really great product, it's revolutionised our lives and has given us both a much better quality of life. Thank you.``

Highly recommended....

Quite simply, we offer you peace of mind.

Unlike most SOS systems, the Friends and Family SOS Button offers two way conversation just like your wireless home telephone. This functionality means that in the event of an emergency call you will be able to instantly assess the situation and ascertain the best course of action. Whether that be to call a neighbor for help, attend to assist yourself or to call an ambulance. regardless, the wearer of the pendant will be assured a quick and efficient response ensuring their comfort and safety is of paramount interest.